Monday, 8 October 2012

Little Talks

                                                            Of Monsters and Men -Little Talks

Its been a while since I got a chance to update this blog things have been pretty hectic and exciting recently, I have just finished my first month of College at UCD  in Dublin, I have now moved from studying Fine Art and Illustration to English and Art History ( I also study psychology and Film Studies as my electives) , its a big change in my many ways the college is a lot bigger, the course is completely different and I am now living four hours away from home.

I have always loved Dublin and I am really happy that I made the decision to come here, there is so much things to do and I was lucky enough to meet new people and settle in so soon...since I stay up here a month at a time it makes me appreciate my hometown a lot more when I go home. My Summer ended quite abruptly once I got my offer which meant I never got a proper chance to celebrate the end of Summer with my closest friends which I was quite disappointed about, luckily most of us are all addicted to Facebook and Twitter and barely sleep at night so we're able to keep in contact on a regular basis.

 I probably wont be posting my own art on this page anymore but intend to keep it up to date with some of the artists Im interested in along with  fashion, films and music as usual. This song "Little Talks" in particular is my favourite song at the moment, its such an autumn song and I was convinced it was Ellie Goulding singing when I first heard it.

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