Friday, 22 June 2012

Alexa Chung Appreciation

I recently got told that my style and attitude to life reminded someone of Alexa Chung, this has got to be one of my top compliments I have ever received since for a long time  Alexa the quirky it-girl has always been one of my major style icons and her style has been adorned by myself and the fashion world for years.

Mostly known for her signature effortless style and usually spotted wearing brogues, chanel jumpers, casual t-shirts and of course thee Mulberry "Alexa" bag. Alexa has made herself a well known figure across continents having her own tv show in America, being front row in fashion shows around the world, along with  her past with modelling  she is also known to be seen trekking about festivals with everyone else and usually with some indie boyband member boyfriend along with her. At the moment Alexa is currently seeing The Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. but it is well known that much of Alexa's fanbase, including myself, still wish that her and Arctic Monkeys lead vocalist, guitarist and main songwriter  Alex Turner were still together but it her creative partnerships rather than her romantic partnerships that have made her  successful in life. 

Her partnership with Mulberry and Madewell have been some of the most successful collaborations known to date, with her designs flying off shelves proving not only does Alexa have style but she also knows how to get ahead in the business world.

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