Monday, 18 June 2012

End of Year Art Show

Me with my friend Raychel who creates wonderful textile pieces 

An example of some of my work  on my board

Me and my friend Naomi you can follow her blog here

Here are some of college friends featured in the show Josh is a Fine Artist that does amazing portraits, James is a fashion design student you can see some of his brilliant work on his blog , Meghan creates beautiful impressionim style landscapes and Padhraic is an aspiring Painter and Illustrator whos great work can also be viewed on his blog here. . 

During the opening night of the show I was lucky enough to have some of my very close friends travel down to Limavady and attend the show. Here I am pictured with Andy, Alan, Claire and  Tommy  . 

Meghan and I perfecting the professional and artsy business type look. 

Last Tuesday night was the opening of my foundation year "End of Year Show ". For the last 10 weeks myself and everyone on my art course have completed a Final Major Project, this projects result will determine whether or not I will recieve my diploma  for successfully completing this course. 
We had our own choice of theme to work on so I based my project on the theme of Carnivals and used the title "Fairytale Freakshow" with the concept of combining vintage sideshow acts such as a Bearded Lady with classic fairytale characters such as Rapunzel. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience but it has been alot of hard work but I feel that the final vast body of work has been worth it. I get my results tomorrow so hopefully I will get the chance to post about my actual work in detail tomorrow.
The Show was held in the West Wing Studio in our college in Limavady, we each had two large boards like the boards featured in the above photos and were made to present our work in a professional manner on these boards. There was a major turn out for the event and I feel that everyone that was there enjoyed it, it gave a great oppurtunity for myself and my peers to get our work shown to the public and it gave us the confidence to consider the possibility of hosting our own exhibiton of work in a gallery in the future . 

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