Sunday, 17 June 2012

Change of Interior

I have a great love for decorating and designing rooms whether it be the different textiles or colour schemes or furniture I love it all, this may have been influenced by the fact my dad used to be a painter and decorator so I spent most of my 8- 12 year old life tagging along with him to price big empty houses to paint and also visiting the paint store which was filled with loads of set up bedrooms which I got to explore all the time while he was buying paint. 
During this year Ive spent most of time away at college and I have genuinely really missed my own bedroom so I have decided within the next month to rearrange and redecorate it, I used to rearrange my furniture alot to the point were my parents were convinced it was a bad habit of mine but  I have not had the chance to do that in a while since Ive been away. My room is currently painted red on one wall and cream on the rest, it is fairly large room but I feel that now it is Summer I may need to change the "redrum" to a more summery colour scheme similar to the colours featured in the above photos. 
For anyone else interested in quirky interiors or new ways to improve their room I would have a  look at this page which is filled with lots of really amazing ideas for bedrooms and other rooms about the house. 

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