Sunday, 17 June 2012

Dinner Party Photos

Claire's Dinner table all set for the evening.

My Dinner place with my twitter name card.

Some of the questions from the twitter quiz. 

Claire (the hostess), Andy, Shauna and Alan. 

Shauna and I looking very serious.

The fairylights lit up the room when it was dark.

Here are some pictures of the Dinner Party I took last night, overall I though the night was a success there was great presentation with fancy dinner plates, fairy lights and each table place had our individual twitter names on a card and on the other side of the card our twitter bio was wrote on it. 
For food, we had vegetable soup as a starter, peri peri chicken with corn on the cob, rice and garlic bread as our main course and since the lemon and lime sorbet did not go to plan we had a wide selection of frozen yoghurt and ice cream from the fridge for dessert. We also had about 2 or 3 jugs of Pimms with ice and fruit to down it all with, a drink Ive never had before but is well suited for a Dinner party. 
To add to the "come dine with me" style of the night as entertainment we had a twitter quiz inbetween courses, I was lucky enough to win this quiz but Im am now quite concerned this means I spend to much time on twitter, then to finish the night the camera was set up on a tripod in a separate room and we each took it in turns to go in and give our opinion of the night and rate Claire's Dinner out of 10, it was very strange talking to the camera but Im sure the edited version of the video will be more hilarious than mortifying hopefully. 

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