Friday, 22 June 2012

Florence and the Frames

The first two set of pictures are from Ceremonials and the next two are from the Lungs album. 

The Equipment.

Two more frames to go.

The Florence frames completed.

The finshed products on display.

For my Art Show I was made buy frames for my photographs so they would look professional when displayed,  once my my art show was  finished I was left with 7 A4 frames. I bought these frames from the Euro2 shop in town but I still did not want to dump them or hide them away in my attic so I decided I would  make some use of them. 
Florence and the Machine has been my favourite band since around 2008 and I still remain obsessed with them ever since. I have already seen them twice in concert and I am going to see them in a few weeks so there will be posts before and after the concert and posts about the exciting  build up to it  (you have now been warned). 
Using some pictures from my Lungs and Ceremonials albums I backed the frames with black card and placed two pictures from the albums in the frame. I made a set of two from the Ceremonials album and another set of two from the Lungs album I was very pleased with the results and will keep them displayed in my bedroom. 


  1. great idea! that b&w photo of florence is lovely.

  2. Thanks!So happy with how they turned out, the Ceremonials photos are sooo different compared to Florence during the Lungs era.

  3. I love the bottom picture. omg. awesome. fairy lights though. <3