Friday, 15 June 2012

An Introduction

I'm an 19 year old art student, This month I have  just finished an art and design  foundation course and now have two weeks to decide if I want to go ahead and start a Visual Communications course or a Art History and English course in college next September both very different options but also two courses I am very interested in pursuing. 
    After much procrastination and indecisiveness I have decided to create this blog, I have often been told I should make a blog and now that it is Summer and I have free time so hopefully I will give it attention and update it on a regular basis. I think  it is  also about time I begin to launch my artwork into the open, to show interested individuals how I work and what I'm all about.If anyone is interested in any commissions feel free to contact me through this blog, my email or my twitter. 
    My main interests are fashion, art, movies, music, reading and photography so  you can expects posts about them  aswell as any adventures I end up on throughout the Summer. Updates are likely to be weekly and feel free to comment.

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