Friday, 3 August 2012

After Glow

Im a major fan of the English band Foals, my blog title "Blue Blood" is taken from one of their songs off the album “Total Life Forever”.  When I found out that they were doing a DJ set in The Twisted Pepper in Dublin I was ecstatic, the band have not performed in Ireland since November 2010 and at the time none of friends were interested in the band, unfortunately this time around was the same story and I wasnt going to force people to go see a band they werent interested in... even though a DJ set would be just more like a night out in a club since they wouldnt actually be performing their own songs but I wasn’t going to expect people to pay to travel  for a night out 4 hours away from where we live.

Ever since I saw Foals performing in the Skins secret party video Ive always wanted to see them in concert, their performances live are so different to what I expected, but I was unsure if the DJ set included all members or just the one because I was aware that the member Edwin Congreave was most known for his DJ sets  and after an incident a month ago in my local nightclub I was uncertain if all members would be attending.

 Only a few weeks it was advertised in my local nightclub that there was going to be a Snow Patrol DJ set but turns out it was only one member from the band attending the DJ set... I was not in the position to spend all that money going to Dublin if there was only going to be one member there.

Today I finally found out for sure whether or not the entire Foals band would be attending or was it just gonna be Edwin as I assumed and hoped since i was no longer attended the event.... after seeing  Edwin tweet on my timeline saying "nothing in life is certain -- apart from the strangely comforting fact that @YnnsPhilippakis will never, ever answer his phone" I decided to tweet him asking if it was certain that all the foals member would be attending the DJ set tomorrow night. I was not expecting to get a response so I was delighted when he actually replied to me!  The only other time Ive been replied to or retweeted by someone famous is Oliver Phelps who played George Weasley which to be honest will top any retweet or reply I ever get off a celebrity unless of course it is Florence Welch, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Louis Tomlinson or Zooey Deschanel who are all regular twitter users.

The fact you can find out this kind of information directly from band members or actors is one reason why I will always prefer Twitter over Facebook.

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