Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Change of Mind

After those few trips to Dublin it was around Easter time and I had made a lot of changes and decisions:

1.  1.   I did not want to go to DIT; I wasn’t fond of the building and did not feel comfortable in that area on my own even in the daytime. It also had no campus accommodation or the College atmosphere that I felt while visiting DCU and after so many months on my Art Foundation Course I was certain I wanted the College Student Lifestyle.

2.  2.  Under no circumstances was I going to take a place on any Fine Art course. I adore clothes and fashion, after being introduced to a few Fine Artists and their stories throughout the year; I was not prepared to live the life of a struggling freelance artist.  I would consider teaching but I was not ready to narrow down my career options that far and I couldn’t risk it for financial reasons also most freelance artists that sell paintings work on different subject matter  to me, so it just wouldn’t work.  I did like the idea of working in a Gallery or Museum within Ireland but not many Galleries often have job vacancies.

3.    3. I felt that IADT was too far away from Dublin and it would be a major trek from Donegal if I wanted to go home at weekends. I also qualified for the HEAR scheme this year which entitled me to about  €1000 ever  year I’m on my course unfortunately, IADT is not one of the participating colleges and I wasn’t really in the position to pass up €1000 for each year I’m in college.  I did really like the atmosphere of IADT there was definitely a relaxed and arty feel to the place.

4.      4.  I also realised my art had changed, fashion became a major factor in it, I had become completely fascinated by Alexander McQueen collections.  I would make art inspired by his collections, I never actually wanted to make clothes but I would always be inspired by his creations. I didn’t want to paint traditional landscapes I wanted all my art to be dramatic and dark yet still beautiful. I used McQueen as one of the artists in my Art history essays and I began to want to write about his fashion and impact on the world. It made me realise that maybe I would be better off researching courses that would allow me to go down the route of fashion journalism or art history since during my spare time I thoroughly enjoyed researching his Savage Beauty Exhibition that was held in New York last year.

5.    5.    I was applying for Visual Communication courses and successfully passing the portfolio criteria for them. I wasn’t too sure about following that path since the majority of my photoshop pieces that worked out well were generally created by accident; I hadn’t a clue at the time what I was doing.  I came to the conclusions that going into a course were I would be surrounded with photoshop a lot of the time would probably not be a wise choice.

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