Saturday, 4 August 2012

White Rabbit

This week I visited my local vintage shop "White Rabbit", this store started up just over a year ago and has become a very successful business attracting many customers from all over Donegal.
I recently found out that they were offering an exchange in vintage items for store credit, I brought along a pair of heels that I only wore once and a pair of brogues which my mother bought for me in a sale but were unfortunately the wrong size so I never got the opportunity to wear them at all,  I also left in a vintage style shirt and dress from a high street store . Once I left them in, I then only had to wait until the next day to find out that they were interested in taking both pairs of shoes.
Today I went in and collected my other items and received my store credit I am now free to use it on any items  in the store, Im hoping I will find a nice vintage style dress in my size and  if anyone else is interested in the store, it can be found through their Facebook page  here.

                                                         "Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit "
                           Perfect opportunity to post this song on my blog, Ive always been very fond of it!

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