Thursday, 16 August 2012



  1. Wow, you like such beautiful things! What are you currently reading? x

  2. Aw wow thats such a nice compliment thank you! Im actually not reading anything at the moment which is quite strange for me but I hope to purchase "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" this weekend.(:

    1. I read it in the beginning of this year, liked it :--) A quick read, cult-classic. I liked how honest the characters were.

      GAH, you like such good music as well (Jefferson Airplane, The Horrors, FOALS...)! Ever seen Florence live? I haven't, but hopefully in the future, grin. :---)

  3. Yeah Ive heard good reviews about it, I really want to read it before the movie is released!

    Aw thank you! Yeah I have actually seen her 3 times haha twice in 2010 and I saw her in Dublin just last month,she is amazing live definitely go see her if you have a chance! (: