Tuesday, 14 August 2012

CAO College choices

Summer moving swiftly along can only mean Leaving Cert results and CAO offers are fast approaching . Thousands of 2012 Leaving  Certs will receive their results tomorrow but they will have to wait until next Monday August 20th to find out if they were fortunate enough to bag a coveted place on their chosen college course.

This year the CAO offers are very significant to me , although I did my Leaving Cert in 2011 got points that I was happy with, I decided to go ahead and follow the route of Art College. The prospect of a future career and opportunities was always going to be questionable but I was defiant and determined to follow through with my passion for art. Art had always been my ‘thing’; I was utterly obsessed with it even from a young age through primary school up until Leaving Cert. I would always enter competitions and put so much time and effort into it, without seeing it as work.

During 6th Year I built up a portfolio and was successful in my interview, once I got my results I was sure about taking a place on the Art and Design Foundation course starting in September. I wasn’t sure what specialism I wanted to base my degree on so it was a great opportunity to have the year since I got the chance to experiment with areas such as Ceramics, Textiles, Animation, 3D Design, Fine Art, Print and Visual Communications. 

A few months into my course we had to start thinking about where we wanted to go next year and what we wanted to do, that meant applying for UCAS and CAO all over again. At that point I had decided I only wanted to consider Fine Art and Visual Communications courses. I applied for courses in DIT, IADT, NCAD and LYIT all places based in Ireland. I had no intentions of going overseas to England on my own and with fees of up to £8000 I was not willing to go to Belfast or Derry either  so as a result I gave UCAS  a miss this year. My tutor did spend weeks trying to convince me to apply to Falmouth College for illustration but unfortunately the only thing I knew about Falmouth was that it “Noah and The Whale” often performed there and as much as I appreciate the band they couldn’t seal the deal for me. 

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